Étkek / Food

Bacon Burger beef / cheese sauce, bacon, vegetables2290 Ft
BBQ Burger beef / BBQ sauce , vegetables2290 Ft
Ceasar salad with chicken 1890 Ft
Cheddar Burger / beef, cheese sauce, cheddar cheese, vegetables2290 Ft
Seasoned potato wedges with sour cream dip890 Ft
Goulash soup1290 Ft
Tuna-carper spread with vegetables1990 Ft
Piquant marinated cheese with bread1790 Ft
Piuuled pork sandwich1990 Ft
Retro Burger beef / mustard - ketchup, pickles, vegetables2290 Ft
Sausage with mustard and baguette1990 Ft
Vegetarian Burger / grilled goat cheese, sajtkrém, zöldségek2190 Ft
Meat balls (10) with potatoes1990 Ft