Étkek / Food

Bacon Burger beef / sour cream , with garlic , bacon , salad , fried egg1990 Ft
BBQ Burger beef / BBQ sauce , salad , tomato , onion , pickled cucumber1990 Ft
Bolognai spagetti1990 Ft
Carbonara spagetti2090 Ft
Ceasar salad with spicy shrims2390 Ft
Ceasar salad with chicken 1890 Ft
Chili Burger beef / chili sauce , salad , tomato , jalapeno1990 Ft
Classic Burger beef / cheddar cheese , salad , tomato , onion , cucumber1990 Ft
Club sandwich1790 Ft
Seasoned potato wedges with sour cream dip690 Ft
Goulash soup1290 Ft
Hungarian "pizza" / sour cream , onion , salami990 Ft
Hungarian "pizza" / sour cream , onion , bacon990 Ft
Lasagne2390 Ft
Parma ham and chive cream cheese spread with pizza bread1490 Ft
Retro Burger beef / mustard-ketchup , mixed pickled , onion1890 Ft
Sausage with mustard and baguette1490 Ft
Vegetarian Burger / burger sauce , grilled Brie , grilled vegetables1790 Ft


4 cheese1590 Ft
Capricciosa / ham, pepperoni, artichoke heart, mushroom, olive1690 Ft
Diavola / Italian salami , pepperoncini1590 Ft
Hawaii / ham, corn, pineapple1590 Ft
Margarita / tomato, cheese1290 Ft
Parma ham, arugula,parmesan1790 Ft
Pollo / sour crea,chicken breast,gralic,red bell pepper1690 Ft
Ham and mushroom1490 Ft
Toscanese / Italian salami, Parma ham, artichoke heart1740 Ft